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The following table contains a breakdown of our indebtedness as of 03-31-2021:

Description Currency Amount(1) Interest Rate Maturity
Bank overdrafts ARS 62.5 - < 360 d
PAMSA loan USD 22.5 Fixed Feb-23
IRSA CP NCN Class II USD 358.5 8.75% Mar-23
IRSA CP’s Total Debt   443.5    
Cash & Cash Equivalents + Investments (2)  USD 95.5    
Intercompany Credit USD 72.2    
Consolidated Net Debt   275.8    

(1)    Principal amount at an exchange rate of ARS 92.00, without considering accrued interest or eliminations of balances with subsidiaries.

(2)    Includes cash and cash equivalents and Investments in Current Financial Assets (includes related companies notes holding)