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23 SEP

Earnings Release FY 20

The Company announces today its results for the Fiscal Year 2020.

  • Net income for fiscal year 2020 recorded a gain of ARS 18,153 million, mainly explained by a higher value in pesos of our investment properties generating a gain of ARS 25,126 million , offset by higher net financial results losses.


  • On March 20, as a consequence of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping malls throughout the country were closed, leaving exclusively those premises dedicated to essential items such as pharmacies, supermarkets and banks. This impact has been mainly reflected in the results of the fourth quarter of the year.


  • Adjusted EBITDA for fiscal 2020 reached ARS 6,152 million, 16.5% in real terms below fiscal year 2019. Adjusted EBITDA for the Shopping Center segment, affected by the pandemic, decreased 37.5% while that of the office segment grew 7.7%.


  • Tenant sales in Shopping Centers fell 25.9% in real terms in fiscal 2020 compared to 2019. In the fourth quarter, sales fell 92.9% affected by the closure of operations. Portfolio occupancy fell slightly, reaching 93.2%.


  • Regarding the Office segment, although most of our tenants have been working at home since mandatory quarantine was decreed, they are operating under strict safety and hygiene protocols.


  • During the fourth quarter of the year and after closing, we have sold approximately 25,000 sqm of premium offices for a total amount of USD 145.5 million.


  • As a subsequent event, in September, we canceled Series IV notes for a total amount of USD 140 million.