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20 MAR

COVID-19, March 20th

The Company released a material fact complementing the one published on March 19, 2020 and in relation to the coronavirus’ evolution (COVID-19), informing its shareholders and the market in general that in compliance with the provisions set forth in section 5 of the Decree 297/2020 enacted by the National Executive Power, whose objective is to minimize the risks of spreading the virus and to protect public health, all the Company’s Shopping Malls will suspend its operations until March 31, 2020 inclusive.

The Company keeps its commitment  to  safeguard  the  health  and  well-being  of  its clients, employees,  tenants,  and  the entire population, and  will  be constantly reassessing its decisions according  to  the  evolving  events, issued rules and guidelines of the competent authorities.

It is also informed that these actions taken by the Company in compliance with the regulations in force, may generate a negative impact on the Company’s results, which to date have not yet been quantified, without prejudice to which we are constantly monitoring activities to minimize potential losses.