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Barter Agreement - Plot 1 Caballito Land Reserve

On December 23, The Company has transferred to an unrelated third party the Plot 1 of the land reserve located at Av. Avellaneda and Olegario Andrade 367 in Caballito neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires.

Plot 1 has an estimated surface of 3,221 sqm where a 10 floors residential building will be developed for a total area of 11,400 sqm, together with a commercial ground floor of 1,216 sqm and a basement of 138 parking spaces (“Building 1”).

The amount of the operation was set at USD 5.5 million to be paid in future functional units of Building 1, which represent the equivalent of 23.53% of the owned square meters, with a minimum guaranteed of 2,735 sqm composed for 1,215.62 commercial sqm, 1,519.68 residential sqm and a certain number of parking spaces that represent 22.50% of the own sqm with that destination and never less than 31 units.

The aforementioned consideration is guaranteed by a mortgage on Plot 1 and Building 1.

The buyer has an Option to acquire Plot 2 of the same property until August 31, 2020 and Plots 3 and 4 until March 31, 2021, subject to certain suspensive conditions.