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In IRSA Commercial Properties we are convinced that we must be an integral part of the communities in which our business units are based. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (UNO) to reduce inequality, gender equality, water care, responsible production and consumption, waste; alliances to achieve the objectives, quality education, non-discrimination, value chain, sustainable cities and communities, health and well-being, environmental care, climate action and volunteering.

It is worth mentioning that more than 100 million pepole pass through our fifteen shopping malls per year, which is both a great advantage and a huge responsibility for the dissemination of our community activities. They are the ideal place to disseminate and make visible the topics of interest of society in general, become aware and act.

In our office buildings we have as tenants large national and international companies. They are organizations that are locally and globally committed to the impact of their actions both economically, socially and environmentally. They are our strategic partners in actions that we develop in the communities where the buildings are.

The agenda of topics is agreed with the social organizations of each community, with the public sector and specialists in each subject. In this way, we strengthen ties and generate long-term alliances, incorporate actors in the value chain and collaborate with actors from the communities where we develop.

The management of the activities is carried out through the Institutional Relations area and from here we involve the corresponding business areas in each case attending to the interests in all our areas of influence.